Water Damage Repair in Gaithersburg, MD

We provide home owners in Gaithersburg flood damage restoration services that are prompt and thorough. Dealing with water damage is not something that can be delayed, it needs to be dried and cleaned up immediately.

When we offer home owners located in Gaithersburg Flood Repair services, we adhere to our five step program.

  1. Determine the Water Damage Restoration Required
  2. Get rid of moisture and Dry Immediately
  3. Eliminate Odor
  4. Treat Mold if Necessary
  5. Work with Insurance Companies as Our Customer’s Advocate

Our systematic approach to treating clients in Gaithersburg flood damaged homes has proven to be effective and is therefore the cornerstone of our business.

After we have determined what has caused the damage and the type of water involved, we work quickly to extract the water and thoroughly dry the surfaces in your home using industrial fans and dehumidifiers. This is essential to prevent mold growth.

We use EPA approved disinfectants and thermo foggers to eliminate any odors that are caused by the standing water. This solution allows us to provide homes in Gaithersburg flood repair that is thorough and effective in removing any musty smells that are signs of water damage.

We are professionals and know how to get rid of mold and make your home safe again. You can be confident you have chosen the best Gaithersburg flood restoration company. We have a four step process to ensure mold is removed not only from the surfaces, but also the air in your home.

  1. Establish negative air pressure
  2. Remove all affected materials
  3. Hepa Vac treatment
  4. Disinfection

For most of our clients who have Gaithersburg flood damaged homes, an insurance company will be involved. We have been in business for over 15 years and we have experience working with insurance companies, as our customers advocate, and know the importance of having your claim resolved quickly and fairly.

Every second counts. Don’t waste any time. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience and call us today! We will get your house cleaned up and make it safe for your family again.

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