Water Damage Repair in Silver Spring, MD

If you’re unfortunate enough to have experienced water damage, you need to find a Silver Spring water damage restoration company immediately. Luckily, you have found one of the best in Mid-Maryland Cleaning & Restoration!

Water damage can literally ruin your life and make you physically ill. You need professionals to clean up the affected area in your home and eradicate any mold or other harmful pathogens that are present because of the water.

That is where we come in. We provide clients in Silver Spring with flood damage restoration that is fast, effective and thorough. First, we will assess which category of water your damage falls into and the cause of it. There are three categories:

  1. Category 1: clean water and can be caused by something like a broken water supply line. While this water is the most harmless, it must be treated quickly or it will turn into category two within two days.
  2. Category 2: contaminated water, or grey water, such as ground water or water from a washing machine or bathtub is a common cause of Rockville flood damage. Category two water will turn into category three within three days if left standing.
  3. Category 3: water is severely contaminated and should always be treated by a professional to ensure proper sanitation of the area. This category includes water from lakes and rivers as well as from broken or backed-up sewage lines. Because this type of water contains harmful pathogens that pose serious health risks, you will need to use a Silver Spring flood damage restoration specialist to clean it up.

There is a wide range of damage flood water can cause and we have experienced it all. Our methodical approach to providing homes in Silver Spring with flood repair and restoration service has been thoroughly vetted and has proven to be effective.  First, we determine the cause and type of water damage. Next we dry and remove any moisture and odor caused by the damage. If there is any mold or mildew, we will disinfect the affected area. Last, we will help you work with your insurance company to resolve your water damage claim in a timely and fair manor.

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