The Best Ways to Prevent Mold – Mold Prevention Tips

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As a Maryland homeowner, mold is on the short list of things you never want to see in your home. A mold problem in your home can be expensive at the least, and downright dangerous at worst. The best way to get rid of mold, of course, is to prevent it from forming in the first place. By taking some smart steps ahead of time, you can greatly reduce the chances that you will ever have to deal with a mold problem. Below, please find a list of helpful mold prevention tips which you may wish to put into action in your home.

Dry Wet Spots Right Away

Mold needs moisture in order to grow. With that in mind, one of the best things you can do in this war is to take away the water it needs to live. If you have any kind of leak or spill in your home, take action as soon as possible to dry it up. For instance, if you have a pipe leak for a period of time, you need to dry up the water which has escaped. Even something as simple as leaving a couple of wet towels in the corner of the laundry room can cause a problem, so be careful when it comes to moisture management in your home.

Ventilation is Key

Good ventilation will help prevent certain areas of your home from becoming damp and eventually moldy. Obviously, three areas of concern are the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room, as these are areas which frequently see the use of water. Make sure to frequently use your bathroom fans to pull moisture out of the air, and open a kitchen window from time to time when the weather allows.

Check Your Roof

It is easy to focus all of your attention on the inside of the house when concerned with mold, but the roof on top of your home plays an important role in this picture as well. If there is a leak in your roof – even if it is a small one – water could make its way into your home, and mold may be the outcome. Quickly repairing any damage which has been done to your roof will help you avoid mold problems down the line.

Keep an Eye on Humidity Levels

Humidity measures the amount of moisture in the air. You probably have seen this statistic on weather forecasts for the air outside, but it is just as relevant inside your house. To make sure there isn’t too much water in the air in your home, consider picking up a moisture meter. Ideally, you will be able to keep the humidity in your home somewhere between 30 – 60%. If the humidity frequently soars above that 60% mark, it may be necessary to look into some options for pulling moisture out of your home. Remember, moisture levels will vary from place to place in your house, so look for trouble spots where you can focus your attention.

There is nothing you can do to guarantee that mold will never make its way into your home, but you certainly can go a long way toward mold prevention by using the tips listed above!


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