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If you’ve noticed dark spots, a musty smell, or an increase in respiratory issues, you may be in need of a mold remediation company. Considering the dangers that go along with a mold infestation, you will only want the best mold removal company in Gaithersburg, MD. Mid-Maryland Cleaning & Restoration, LLC serves all of Montgomery County as well as Howard and Prince George’s counties – including Rockville, Germantown, Silver Spring, Bethesda, Columbia & Bowie.

Fortunately, Mid-Maryland Cleaning & Restoration, LLC can handle projects of any size – and quickly.

Why call a mold cleaning company local to Montgomery County?

  • As a reputable mold cleaning company in Gaithersburg, MD, we can determine if your mold problem is severe enough to be considered deadly. Some molds are toxic and you likely won’t have the resources to handle the problem.
  • We carry a lineup of special cleaning materials that are more effective and less dangerous than soap and water or bleach.
  • Depending on the size of your problem, your efforts may not be as effective or as fast as those of a professional mold removal company. That’s where we come in! Mold often grows in areas you can’t see without specialized equipment, so simply cleaning off surface mold will not solve your problem. In addition, you may not realize how the mold grew in the first place, so the likelihood of reoccurrence could be high.

Why we stand out:

  • Our services are much more cost efficient than our competition.
  • Our mold remediation experts are professional and highly trained.
  • We are experienced and effective. We will solve your problem quickly.

It is never a good idea to play roulette with your family’s safety and health. You should not risk you or your family developing respiration issues (or worse) due to a mold infestation. When you make the decision to search for a mold remediation company in Gaithersburg, MD, you can be certain you are making a sound decision for your family.

You don’t want just any mold remediation company, however. We are known as the most trustworthy mold removal company in central Maryland. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.

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