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We’re a Gaithersburg basement waterproofing company that offers piece of mind to our customers that they are properly protecting their family and property from the nightmares caused by basement water damage. If you think you have water damage or just want to prevent the unpleasant phenomenon from occurring, call us today.

We will scrutinize every inch of your basement to evaluate its current state. If there are any signs of moisture, we will find and the source and fix the problem. What are some signs of water damage?

  • Carpet dampness and stains
  • Mold and mildew exists
  • Bad Odor
  • Rust stains
  • Stained or darkened wood on baseboards

As an experienced Gaithersburg basement waterproofing company, we have every tool necessary in our arsenal to fix whatever problem is causing the moisture in your basement and make sure it is thoroughly dry and mold free. There are different levels of damage and we handle it all. No water damage is “too small” to be concerned about. Even the smallest amount of moisture can wreak havoc on your property structure.

However, fixing current issues is only the first service our basement waterproofing company in Gaithersburg MD provides. Next, we will go about protecting your basement from future water damage. Our services are extensive and can range from the simple application of moisture barriers to foundation and structural repairs, depending on the situation. We have construction specialists on our team who work closely with our waterproofing company in Gaithersburg MD to provide structural repairs.

Don’t put off taking care of your property a minute longer. Stopping or preventing the awful effects that water damage can have on your basement as soon as possible is paramount. The longer you wait the more extensive and expensive the damage could become. Give the gift of peace of mind to you and your family and contact us today.

We are a Gaithersburg basement waterproofing company with over fifteen years of experience in dealing with all levels of property water damage. We can formulate a plan to insure that your basement will be dry and mold free for years to come!

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