Mold Removal Project in Hagerstown, MD Review

by: Mid Maryland

Here at Mid-Maryland Cleaning & Restoration, LLC, we love providing great service to satisfy our valued customers. Below are several reviews from a job we did for a couple of customers in Hagerstown, Maryland. The initial reviews are followed by another after the carpet was removed. We would like to thank Ann & Ron for taking the time to send us such wonderful feedback!

October 2018 – Ann from Hagerstown, MD

I am so glad I found your extraordinary company. Mid-Maryland Cleaning & Restoration, LLC just finished a huge job of removing dangerous mold from the entire lower level of the home. I wish I could rate your Company a TEN! You were very prompt to inspect and evaluate this situation and plan to start the work.

Mid-Maryland Cleaning & Restoration, LLC not only removed all traces of mold; (confirmed by mold testing) but, searched for the outside source of moisture entering the home. Once you researched the source, your crew was quick to clear the gutters, cut back the landscaping and regraded the yard. To seal out future rainwater, the grading included installing a vinyl liner between the foundation and the new dirt to prevent rain water from coming through the foundation.

Before, I found your company, I spoke with 3 other companies that were not qualified to do any outside work. Mid-Maryland Cleaning & Restoration, LLC was the only company I contacted that would take the extra steps to find and repair the source of how rain water continued to get into the lower level. Removing mold and restoring the inside was obviously not adequate when the crucial component was the foundation and rain overflow.

Mid-Maryland Cleaning & Restoration, LLC is a TOP-notch company. The owner & crew were always prompt, professional, efficient, considerate, plus an absolute joy to work. Superlative job at a price you can’t beat.

October 2018 – Ron from Hagerstown, MD

I just want to add how much I appreciated all the work the crew accomplished outside my home. The crew cleared gutters, cut landscaping, and graded three sides of the yard. I am confident I will not have rain water coming into my house. Also, an added bonus for me was the delivery of a dumpster that was set in the driveway for the workman. This allowed me to go through and dispose of all the damaged personal items compromised by the mold in the home. These were great guys, very hard workers, amazingly fast turnaround. One whole floor, very big job and they stayed with us. Other companies go from job to job. Once the equipment was set, Mid-Maryland Cleaning & Restoration, LLC was in-and-out in less than a week. Excellent!! Thank you. I would highly recommend you to everyone.

November 2018 – Ann from Hagerstown, MD

Mid-Maryland Cleaning & Restoration, LLC returned to the house after removing dangerous mold from the entire lower level. The upstairs was also tested and it confirmed evidence of high levels of contamination. The owner (Tom) & foreman returned to the house and removed all the upstairs carpet and left specific microbial cleaner for us, at our request, to wipe down other surfaces. This company is experienced and committed, and values its customers. I trusted their advice and their quick response was appreciated. I know I could call on them for any concerns in the future. Tom is incredibly responsive and a pleasure to work with. Please call Mid-Maryland Cleaning & Restoration, LLC!

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"Very happy with the way the carpet cleaning turned out and coming when you said you would. "

-Kathy A, MD

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