A “Thank You” For Grading & Water Damage Control in Urbana, MD

by: Mid Maryland

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Here at Mid-Maryland Cleaning & Restoration LLC, we take special pride in satisfying our customers. We recently received a “Thank You” for our work on a grading & water damage control project in Urbana, MD and we wanted to share it with you.

Hi Tom…

Life has been pretty crazy for me the past number of weeks, but I wanted to take the time to thank you for coming over and taking care of the grading problem in the rear of my townhouse. I returned home this morning after being away since Thursday and there are still no issues after inspecting everything.

After you left on Wednesday I went out to look at what you accomplished and was really pleased with what I saw. You and Jesus did a great job of sloping the soil away from the house and putting a vinyl liner under the rocks I had previously put out there. An equal accomplishment was that you returned everything to its original condition. I’m really happy with the results and of course I hope it solves my problem.

I also appreciated you taking the time to come inside and wipe the mold away from the baseboard near the fireplace. As you had said it will not return and today there’s still no indication of anything being there.

Thanks for all of your help. Although I don’t wish moisture issues on anyone, I certainly would recommend your services for those that encounter such problems. Thanks again.

Villages of Urbana

We greatly appreciate customers such as A.T. and we look forward to serving many more throughout Frederick County and central Maryland!

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"Very happy with the way the carpet cleaning turned out and coming when you said you would. "

-Kathy A, MD

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